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December 30, 2004
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Sustenance Tabs Object Dock by TNBrat Sustenance Tabs Object Dock by TNBrat
***UPDATE*** Uploaded Slate Rainlendar ***UPDATE***

Sustenance Tabs for Object Dock Plus
Well, a BIG thanks to -Kol for his newest contribution to Visual Styles, Sustenance.
When I saw it for the first time I was really impressed! Itís very new and fresh! Hope you all like it as much as I do!
Thank you for permission to make these tabs!
The ONLY color included in the zip is the blue version. I thought about doing all the colors of the VS, but with Object Dockís coloring options youíll be able to make them any color you wantÖthatís why Iíve shown other colors in the preview.

Now for some links.
Letís start with the Sustenance links.
Kolís Deviant Art Gallery
Sustenance VS
Studio Twentyeight
And Shockerteam 3D has someÖ
Shockerteam 3Dís Deviant Art Gallery
Sustenance Wallpaper
Sustenance Icons
And stay tuned, because there are more ďSustenanceĒ skins under construction from several people. And I do have a few more working too!

Ok, and here are the links for the icons/pngs shown in the preview.
Puft by David Lanham
Puft ported to XP by Hus

Glitch Dock by Netghost
Shockerteam 3D Icons
Chic Collection La Nuit by oooAdAooo
::Jelly-Friends:: by flameia
Sahoís Icon Room
iPlatinum by -kol
avXicons by -kol
iCandy Jr by Foood
HandsOne Icons Set by NobodyUse
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very nice end colourful It work in nexus ? I send It in my favourites !!
Actually the third one has its own matching background too.
I love the pink one so much!
OMG... would you mind sharing the icons in the 7th row??? They're so adorable and I can't find them in any of the links you provided. Some links are dead. =(
I love the third one!
Thank you, one of my fav sets too.
shockerteam3d Dec 30, 2004   Interface Designer
Excellent !! Amazing ! Outstanding !! :+fav: x3465 times and this is = a --> :+favlove: I try to make the tabs jeje but i exaclty dunno how to make it jejeje :)

I love the colors and thanks a lot for adding my work :cuddle: Thanks a lot :D And happy new year
Well, thank you so much! Very happy I've done something you like! And it's my pleasure to be able to show off your icons, honestly, they are very much among my favs!!!
Nice job Brat :)
Thank you so very much! :wave:
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