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K Tek Steel Beatniks by TNBrat K Tek Steel Beatniks by TNBrat
K-Tek Steel For Beatnik! Versions 1, 2, & 3!
Couldnít decide how I wanted to do this so Iíve made 6 version. This download has 3 of them.
These 3 all have the folder clip from Tiggzís K-Tek Steel Object Dock set.
The other 3 in the pic are made to go with the Tiggzís K-Tek Steel SysMetrix
Iíve used the same font and itís included.
All images by Tiggz!
Permission included!

You can find the K-Tek Steel skins by Tiggz as follows
Window Blinds [link]
Icons for WB [link]
Progress Animations for WB [link]
Wallpapers [link]
Wallpapers Plus [link]
Logon [link]
Boot [link]
SysMetrix [link]
Rainlendar [link]
K-Tek Steel Blue [link]

Desktop X
K-Clock [link]
K-Dock [link]
K-Media [link]
K-Tek Steel Radio [link]

Object Dock
K-Tek Folders [link]
K-Tek Internet [link]
K-Tek Media Players [link]
K-Tek MS Office [link]
K-Tek MSN Messenger [link]
K-Tek Tabs [link]

Desktop Widgets
K-Drives [link]
K-Media [link]
K-Search [link]
K-Tek Steel Radio [link]
K-Trash [link]
K-Google [link]
K-Clock2 [link]
K-Weather [link]

It looks like Triggz has added a new set to the K-Tek Steel Family. He calls it Steel-Aero, and I think it's an awesome additions!!! Props there Triggz!!!
K-TEK steel-aero Logon [link]
K-Media aero Widget [link]
K-Clock2 aero [link]
I think I got them all! Thereís so many!! And to tell the truth, Iím always checking for more! Got to admit this is a WONDERFUL set!
And I'm going to try to keep this updated for when Triggz adds more of this amazing set!
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September 18, 2004
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