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March 22, 2005
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Easter System Pngs V1 by TNBrat Easter System Pngs V1 by TNBrat
Well, I've been working a little and learning a little and these are what I've come up with so far. I'm trying to learn to make NICE looking icons/pngs and I figured I'd pratice according to the season...I'm working toward a full Icon Packager set starting with the Hello Kitty Icons...Shown here [link] & here [link]

I know these aren't really that good...some better then others, so consider these a beta type set, please. If you'd like to work with them I can provide the PSD files and better yet, if ANYONE wants to give me some pointers, I'd be happy to learn.

One of my main issues is getting the edges smooth and I have no real idea how to work the perspective, mesh warp, or skew tools so don't be too mean in your critique, but feel free to be constructive.

Oh, and I decided not to include the pc looking one...and should have left out the drive too, but oh, well...Hope you like, anyway!

Other sets for Easter are as follows...
[link] Easter System Pngs V1
[link] Painted Eggs
[link] Easter Fun Pack 1
[link] Easter Bunnies
[link] Easter Bunny Babies
[link] Easter Chickies
[link] Vintage Easter Images

A few sets for Spring too...
[link] Spring Veggie '05
[link] Spring Flowers 1 '05
[link] Spring Tools '05
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littlefox1024 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005
that's so colorful and thank for sharing!:juggle: :juggle:
TNBrat Featured By Owner May 4, 2005
You're very welcome!
47songs Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm in the same boat as you, Arlinda. I'm just learning, and getting everything to look smooth is the biggest chore of all! Heh! You're doing a great job, here! Keep at it!

TNBrat Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2005
Well, I'm glad that it's not just me...not that I would want anyone else to have problems, but simply that it's not just so easy a monkey could do
Thank you very much :hug:
Butch123 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
Happy Easter Arlena great job !
TNBrat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
Oh, and Happy Easter too, Butch! Thanks:!:
gooberbean28 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
Happy Easter Arlinda! These look nice!
TNBrat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
Same to you...and thank you :!:
chickie Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005  Hobbyist Artist
Arlinda, you make grrrrrrrreat icons. These Easter icons are cute & colorful. :aww: Thanx for making them. :hug: :blowkiss: :heart:
TNBrat Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2005
Mari-Jo, thank you for the kind words :!: It's always nice to hear you like my work...I think you pick such wonderful things for your :+fav:
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