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Aero Cyberskin Weather Release by TNBrat Aero Cyberskin Weather Release by TNBrat
Well this is one of those skins that has just been sitting waiting to be uploaded...was waiting on all the permisisons to some through, and now that they have I can't release it!

This is like the mother of all ports...LOL meaning that I didn't do anything other than rearrange several images by the following artists...other than changing the fonts, I didn't really do much here!

Special thanks to adni18 for suggesting that I upload this! I'm very thankful that Nikos allows me to port any of his skins! It makes me look good...LOL...Because Not even I can mess up such perfection!

And also to Woodbridge for allwoing me to use his style of Aero Weather Widget as a base for this! I must say that his is my fav of the aero styled widgets....though there are a few by DigitalCHET, that I just can't live without, this really has something "special". Thank you for the permission!

To Daniel Brauer of Dock Zone for the permission to use his images...he gave me a standing permission a LONG time ago, and though I've not really taken him up on it, I've still got to sing his praises! I'm so into his icons! And the dockelts and other things he makes are wonderful as well, so please make sure you go to his site and pick up some stuff...

There are 2 versions in the zip...regular aero and blue tinted aero...though I'm sure the former will be the one to use, I like the shades of blue Nikos used in Cyberskin so much that I wanted to carry them over into this I did both.

And now on to the links!

Let's start with Nikos, since Cyberskin is his baby...
[link] Suite
[link] Window Blinds
[link] Logon
[link] Boot
[link] Wallpaper

And also visit his sites...
Personal Site
[link] adni18-Digital Design
WinCustomize Site
[link] adni18: adni18 - Digital Design
WinCustomize Skins Gallery
[link] Skins
Deviant Art Site
[link] Adni18 at Devaint Art

And now for Woodbridge
[link] Aero Weather at WinCustomize
[link] Aero Weather at Deviant Art

To see more of Woodbridge's site you should follow these links...
Devaint Art
[link] bedlam (Woodbridge) at Deviant Art
WinCustomize Gallery
WinCustomize Personal Page
[link] Woodbridge

And last but not least don't forget to check out Dock ZOne
WinCustomize Gallery
Deviant Art
[link] DOck ZOne

Ok and to pick up more Cyberskins you should visit Essencay
[link] Object Dock Plus Background
And his WinCustomize Personal Page
[link] Redneck a'Skinnin' Stuff

oh, yeah and I did a few other Cyberskins myself...
[link] BeatNik
[link] Aero Cyberskin DX Clock
Aero Cyberskin Calendar N/A
vixykit Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
wow thats nice- I love blue :)
TNBrat Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2005
Thanks! Adni18 makes the most beautiful skins, so it's easy to work with!
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January 19, 2005
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